Hello and welcome to theblogstream, a blog which will tell you all about blogging and it’s benefits.

My name is Tarun……..the man behind theblogstream.      

Well about me I’ll say, I’m a mechanical engineer by profession and a writer cum designer by heart.

The idea of starting a blog came to me in my late college days. I wanted to explore the advantage of using the internet on a daily basis. 

I somehow knew that people make money through their websites and blogs via affiliate marketing and all other activities. I was interested in knowing…..how is that possible?

When I got to know about some stuff that led to the generation of money from blogging. I started working a full-time job and the idea of starting a blog was delayed. But it always crept in the back of my head. 

As I was working a full-time job (which I never enjoyed), I always use to think about starting a blog or a website.

Initially, I wanted to start a travel blog, but I lacked in the itinerary. Also, I had not traveled that much. So, therefore, I didn’t have items for the travel blog.

Wondering how can I start a blog/website when I do not have any topic to start on…….at that very moment, an idea clicked.

The idea said – “Hey!…..how about starting a blog on how to start a blog”.

And that idea led to the birth of TheBlogstream.com.

At theblogstream, I will discuss with you about starting your blog from scratch to making it a huge success (quite an exaggeration there…..but surely not impossible).

I will tell you everything related to the concept of blogging and making money from it.

I have only one goal that I want to achieve for my blog and that is to generate a good amount of revenue from it. And that is possible only when there is some quality in the work.

It won’t be easy for sure….but as you know success comes to those who dare to tread paths less traveled. That’s a cliché.

I, as a matter of fact, do not know much about blogging and how to generate income from it but by looking at how others have done it and with the huge amount of information available on the internet, I feel I can do it too.

There is a saying (another cliché)……THE EXPERT YOU SEE TODAY WAS ONCE A NOVICE.

Same goes for me as well, I am a novice with a great intention of learning how to make money from blogs and employing the same to all my readers.

In theblogstream, I will tell you, inform you and guide you how you can start a blog and make money from it.

I will be updating and will be posting about all the things that I do to create contents for my blog, to promote and market those contents and to make money from it.

All the tactics that I follow will be at your disposal.

You can contact me anytime with your queries and doubts related to your blogs/website(s). I will make sure to help you out with the best possible way.

With that message, I bit adieu to you guys.

Thank you and stay tuned to TheBlogstream.

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