How to choose the best niche for your blog? This is one of those questions which trouble many newbie bloggers.

Even when beginners start a blog in a particular niche, they still keep on wondering whether they have chosen the right niche for their blog or not.

I started this blog in the niche of  I use to wonder that is it a good niche for me? Am I wasting my time with this? Should I go for some other niche? Or is this niche thing really beneficial?

These questions troubled me a lot and quite frankly, I believe that these are the very questions which trouble most of the beginner bloggers.

So, to address this very purpose I have written this post. I will tell you how I chose the niche for this blog. 

When I was starting this blog I was not aware of blogging niches.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to start a travel blog where I’d talk about my travel experiences and also I would give information about how to travel to the places I went to and all.

But when I decided to start my own travel blog, I realized I have not traveled that much. So, how am I going to talk about my travel stories when I do not have that many?

BALONEY!!…..There goes my dream of starting my own travel blog.

This happened in 2016 b/w September and October.

Literally, for days, I wondered “on what topic should I write a blog?”

I had to think a lot about the topic for my blog and then a quite crazy idea hit me.

I thought to myself “Hey! How about starting a blog on how to start a blog?”

That was the exact thought/idea that got me started with this blog.

My initial thoughts were that I start a blog to tell others how they can start their blogs for themselves.

But as I advanced, I got to learn many new things that I never thought were involved in blogging.

One of those things is the blogging niche.


What is a Niche?

To keep it simple, a niche is a topic in which you want to start your blog.

Like Blogging, SEO Copywriting, Content Marketing and Making Money Online (all together) are the niche of this blog.

And most importantly the topic which you choose for your blog must be something that genuinely interests you.


blogging wizard

Here is a wiki link to what is niche blogging?


Why a Niche Blog over a Generic Blog?

Starting a blog is a good idea but starting a blog in a niche is a much better one.

 And why so..??

Well because of the following reasons –

  1. Niche blogs are highly focused on one topic.
  2. Niche blogs get better SEO ranking compared to generic blogs.
  3. It is far much easier to make money from niche blogs than it is from generic blogs.
  4. Niche blogs are capable of driving higher targeted traffic than generic blogs.
  5. They have higher conversion rate than generic blogs.
  6. Niche blogs get a higher authoritative position in searches than that of generic blogs.

Most people think that if they start a blog which focuses on more than one topic they will be able to bring more online traffic than niche blogs.

This is true but the catch is that they won’t see a targeted traffic that converts.

FYI generic blogs cover more than one topic.

But if your focus is on making money from blogs then niche blogging is the right choice for you.

There are many blogs which are generic like Mashable, The Huffington Post, Techcrunch and much more where you will see tons of posts covering more than one topic.

But blogs were established back when “blogging” was in its adolescent period. Also, they have a very large quantity of contents covering many different topics.

I am pointing this to you so that you can understand that generic blogs exist. But the competition is just too fierce. 

Nowadays, having a niche blog is better from the perspective of making money and running a business blog.

Also, developing a readership for your blog, given that it is a generic blog will take a lot longer than developing a readership for a niche blog.

Recommendation – Start with a very specific topic, especially in the beginning. And as you grow, you can start a number of blogs on different topics or you can start a generic blog altogether.

And as you grow, you can start a number of blogs on different topics or you can start a generic blog altogether.


This post from ShoutMeLoud will tell you about why it is beneficial to start a niche blog.


What topic/niche to choose?

 Start your blog for the first time and this question “what topic should I choose for my blog?” will hit you.

You would want to choose the best niche for your blog which will help you grow your blog and turn it into a business that generates revenue for you.

You must choose that topic or niche for your blog with which you are comfortable and about which you have some good knowledge.

Because if you start in any niche not knowing what it’s all about even if it’s a popular one, you won’t be able to generate your own ideas for your blog and your articles will seem rehashed.

As a result, no one will show interest in your topic or in your blog. You will get bogged down, get bored and finally abandon your blog.

This has happened and continues to happen.

Actually, many people do not see any type of return from their blogs, be it in terms of money or online traffic because of the poor choice of niche.

People think that if for say, Money Making Online niche is a very popular one (which it is), they must start a blog in that niche.

They do this only on a whim that they will start seeing quick results and will start making some quick money from their blogs. And this never happens.

Now there are many blogs which are highly successful.

Like Quick Sprout, Niche Hacks, Smart Passive Income, Income Diary and many others.

The reason behind the success of such blogs is the people running them.

Like Neil Patel (about page) behind QuickSprout, Stuart Walker (about page) behind NicheHacks, Pat Flynn (about page) behind SmartPassiveIncome and Michael Dunlop (about page) behind IncomeDiary.  

These guys talk about how they started their blogging journey and what made them choose that particular niche for their blogs which in turn is proving to be beneficial in the long run.

I have mentioned them here because they are very good reads and these will help you a lot in forming a right mindset for your blog.

That being said now let me tell you about few most popular blogging niches.

Popular blogging niches that make money –


Money Making Online                                    
– Health & Fitness
– Food & Recipe
– Technology
– Fashion
– Travel
– DIY/ Home-Décor / Arts & Craft

Read this post by Glen Allsopp on his blog Viperchill on 51 such niches which are less competitive and are quite profitable.

There are many other niches as well but you have to make sure that if you are going to invest your time starting and building a blog you do it the right way.

That is if you choose a topic solely on the basis of your interest and at the same time there is no end demand for that topic then you will not be able to drive that much online traffic to your blog and hence, would not be able to make money from it.

The above list that you see is about the popular blogging niches. These niches receive tons and tons of traffic because they are in demand.

And since, the demand is high so is the competition.




Become Passionate

It is said that you must be passionate about the topic in which you want to start a blog.

You will find this “passion” word to be a bit clichéd but this is true.

Unless you find a topic which interests you or you’re passionate about, things are not going to swing your way, especially in the field of blogging.

Blogging takes a considerable amount of time (an Avg of 6-12 months) to see the desired result from it.

Do you think that you can blog about one particular topic, discussing its different aspects for years?

If your answer is YES, then congratulations my friend you have found yourself a very worthy topic for your blog.

                                                                                                                          Blogging Basics 101

But if you think that you can manage a blog without a passion, then my dear friend you’re utterly wrong.



This post from NicheHacks is a very good read. In it, 56 experts have pointed why it is important to be “passionate” about the topic which you choose for your blog.


Research as much as you can

You need to spend a quality amount of time researching before you jump on to any niche.

Choosing a niche

                                                 Dear Blogger

I did a lot of research before I started this niche blog.

I extensively used Google search and Keyword Planner Tool to look at the traffic trends for certain keywords, what keyword(s) to target and how blog posts are written around those keywords. 

I literally spent over a month to just get an idea about how blog posts are written around the keyword “how to start a blog”.

Google search and Keyword Planner will help you a lot in coming up with a solid plan for your niche and also for your blog.

So in the end, use Google search to research your topic or niche as much as you can.

Now let me tell you about some tools that you can use to choose the best niche for your blog.

How to choose the best niche for your blog?

To choose the best niche for your blog, use the following tools –

1. Do Google Search

This is one of the best ways to choose the best niche for your blog.

Now, you may ask “how do I use Google to choose the best niche for my blog?”

It’s pretty simple, just put in your search query in the search box and you’ll see a fair amount of results for your search query.

For example, I used “how to choose the best niche for your blog” as my search query.

When I typed that query in the search box I got this result.

Search Results for “how to choose the best niche for your blog?

By doing a simple Google search for your topic or niche you get –

  • A very good idea about what type of contents is available.
  • You will also get an idea about how articles/blog posts are written for your “search query/keyword”.
  • You will get an idea what other blogs are there and what other keywords are they targeting.

The results that you will find on the Google SERP for your keywords mostly belong to authoritative blogs, especially in the 1st and the 2nd result page.

So, it will be a good thing that you spend some time looking at the types of contents that are available for your keyword in those blogs.


Use SEMrush

It is an advanced tool for SEO keyword research. It is paid service and you can use it for free for 30 days trial period.


Niche Research


SEMrush gives an in-depth keyword analysis report and it will provide you with an insight on how competitors are ranking for your chosen keyword.

It also provides suggestions about other keywords that can be used.

I especially use SEMrush for keyword research for my posts. And I’d say it is very effective.

By using SEMrush you will also come to know what all keywords your competitors are using. It will also suggest what alternative keyword(s) you can use.

Here is a detailed report by KeriLynn Engel, on SEMrush which will further tell you why it is the best tool for keyword research.

In my suggestion, SEMrush is a great tool which will help you a lot when you’re looking for a profitable blogging niche.

Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a part of the Google Adwords.

Keyword Research

It is a free tool provided by Google which you can use to do keyword research for your niche. In order to access this free tool, you need to have an Adwords account.

Keyword Planner gives you an idea about average monthly searches for your chosen keyword.

Let me show you how it helps in getting search results with an example below.

I used Keyword Planner tool to get ideas about averages monthly searches for two keywords – “how to choose a blogging niche” and “blog niche”. Both mean the same thing by the way.

When I searched for “how to choose a blogging niche”, I got this result.


                   Average Monthly Search Result for “how to choose a blogging niche”


In the image, you can see the average monthly searches for the keyword “how to choose a blogging niche”.

Also, I looked what other suggestions are there for this keyword and how much competition is there.

Look at the image below.



This is the keyword analysis report from Keyword Planner tool.

The above image shows you what other suggested keywords are there that you can use, their average monthly searches and also what level of competition is there for those keywords.

Now let me give a preview of the report for the keyword “niche blogs”.



Avg Monthly Search Result for “niche blogs

Here again, you will see that the average monthly search is same as that of “how to choose a blogging niche”.

This shows that keyword “niche” is popular.

Now, look at the image below to get an idea about what other suggested keywords are there, the type of competition and their average monthly searches.



This result is for the keyword “niche blogs”.

So, by doing the above research for two keywords “how to choose a blogging niche” and “blog niche”, I got a decent idea about:

1.) The demand of the keyword i.e. “niche”.
2.) Other suggested keywords that I can use or target.
3.) Competitiveness of those keywords.

“This will help me a lot in choosing a better niche for my blog”.

This is how you can use Keyword Planner tool to narrow down your idea for your niche.

When I was starting, as stated above, I used Keyword Planner a lot to know about different types of keywords, how they are used, which keywords will be more or less competitive and all.

Google Keyword Planner is a good tool to start hunting for your niche but it does not provide an in-depth report like SEMrush.

I’d recommend that you use both to distinctively form a good keyword strategy that you can use either for targeting a niche for your blog or for writing a new blog post.

Note – Target those keywords which usually get at least 1000 monthly searches. 

– Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another great way which will help you in choosing a niche for your blog.


Choosing a niche


This will generate email alerts in your registered email (you don’t need Gmail account for this).

You can type your desired niche’s name or some keyword related to your niche and start getting alerts on different contents automatically in your registered email.

This is one of the ways to look at how contents are written on your preferred niche by others.

Google Alerts will also help you in getting new updates for your desired keywords.

Though I’d recommend that you use Google Alerts to keep a track on latest contents that are there for your preferred keywords/query.

Note – Get the best result from Google Alerts, put your query aka keyword(s) related to your topic of interest in quotation mark. This will create more relevant alerts.


Use Google Trends

Google Trends tells traffic trends for your keyword. Basically, it records the reaction of online traffic to certain keywords.

Niche Blogs

It is a good tool which helps in understanding the traffic trends for your chosen keyword(s).

You can also compare more than two keywords and look at how traffic reacts to those keywords.

Simply, put the keywords related to your niche and see how traffic trends for those keywords.

Below is an image which will show how traffic trends for the keyword “how to start a blog?”



                                Traffic Trend for “how to start a blog?

You can clearly see from the above image that traffic trend is going up for the chosen keyword over time.

This tells us how much trending the keyword “how to start a blog” is. Thus, this is a good topic to look out for.

So, when you get to see a rising trend for your chosen keywords related to your desired topic/niche, you will instantaneously know that the topic is a good one to start in or not.



Choosing the niche for your blog is never an easy task, especially for the newbies.

And it becomes much harder when you want to choose that niche which proves out to be the best and the most suitable one for your blog.

Also, I want to point out that there is never a perfect niche that will guarantee your blog’s success. 

You have to be on a look out for that niche which you think will be good for you and for your blog.

If you can start a blog in the niche of your industry, then that is also a good option.

Now let me sum it all up for you,  that in order to choose the best niche for your blog, you must begin by:

1.) Doing a Google Search for your niche/topic.

– Prepare a set of keywords related to your topic and then Google search them.

2.) Using SEMrush.

– It is one of the best-recommended tools to do your keyword research and use it to get an oversight on your competitors.

3.) Using Keyword Planner Tool.

– Recommended for beginners for doing keyword research and formulating a keyword strategy.

4.) Using Google Alerts.

– Create an email alert of latest updates in your niche. Use it to get an overview of latest topics discussed in your niche.

5.) Using Google Trends.

–  This will help you in identifying traffic trends for your preferred keyword(s) related to your niche.

These were the exact steps I took to choose the niche for my blog.

This is a very good strategy to start hunting for your blog niche.

And, if you’re a beginner then the strategy that I have discussed in this post is going to help you a lot.

If you like the information that I shared then please be kind enough to share it with your friends and family. 

Also, if you want to give any suggestions or make any comments, do it with your hearts open. I’d appreciate and acknowledge it.


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