So very welcome to theblogstream. This is the very first post here and in this post, I will tell you about what is a blog after all?

My name is Tarun, the man behind TheBlogstream and I am on a quest and that quest is to inform you people about the benefits of starting a blog and how to start one and also how to make money from blogs.

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Along with telling you, what is a blog? I will also talk about few things that will make you understand a little bit about fundamentals of blogging.

This post will help you understand about:

– What is a blog?
– Advantages of starting a blog; and
– How to start a self-hosted blog by yourself.


Let’s Begin…


First thing’s first…What is a Blog?

A blog, basically an abbreviated form of “weblog” is a website where you generate entries or posts in a chronological order, meaning, your latest posts appear at the top of the articles you posted earlier.

It is just like maintaining a journal.

Simply put, suppose you created a blog post on 2nd of October 2016 and your next post appeared on 5th October 2016, then your 5th October’s post will appear first.

Now when I say posts, I mean that when you start a blog and actually have plans for keeping it alive! You will start writing articles for your blog and you will want others to look at it, to read your articles and give their own opinion or comments to your articles.

Posting those articles on your blog is called blogging or creating a blog post.

The day when you create a single blog post and publish it that is the day when that blog post of yours is first available for everyone to see. Like I created this blog post and published it on 27th October 2016 so, that is the day this post became available for you to see.

These posts are created on daily/weekly or monthly basis depending on how frequently you generate new articles for your blog and how frequently are you updating your previous blog posts.

Here is a video from WPMU DEV which will further explain to you about what is a blog?


Blogging and Its advantages

Take a blog to be a two-way communication platform. Where you simply create a post on something you find interesting (or intriguing) and others leave their comments or review on it.

I always believe that everyone has a voice which they want others to hear but they can’t do it that easily.

Let me explain it to you with a small example below.

Suppose, you like to travel a lot but somehow you couldn’t travel much but still, you did manage to travel to a certain place which you always wanted to go.

After coming from that place, you want to share your experience with most of the people you know. They can be your relatives, your friends, your colleagues and etc.

But unfortunately, either you do not have the time or they don’t have enough time to listen to you.

Here you can start a travel blog (BANG!) and share your experience about the place and inform them about how they can travel to that place, cheapest modes to travel and every single other aspect that you can think of that seems relevant.

By doing this way not only your closed ones will get to know about it and appreciate it but also a whole lot of new people will get to know about your experience and will be thankful to you for sharing the important information needed to travel to that place.

Also, the biggest advantage will be that people will get to know about you and will want to know more from you. Who knows you may become a full-time blogger having a travel blog where you may talk something about like 12 most cheap exotic locations around the world.

That’s just one of the advantages of blogging.

Also, your English improves. This will help you in writing more grammatically correct sentences (which is one of the BIG problems with many non-English speaking bloggers).

Write more correct and relevant sentences and people will love reading your articles.

Check this out of you want to: 10 tips on improving your spoken English.

Another biggest advantage of starting a blog is that it can be on any topic of your interest. It can be a personal blog or a business blog, a travel blog,  a food and dining blog, a food recipe blog, a home decor blog,  a relationship blog…! you name it and you can devise it.

Statics show that there are over 175 million blogs online and that also on as many topics as one can imagine. And if so many people are blogging then it must have some benefits involved.

And finally, the main advantage of starting a blog, which is why so many people have started blogging is that you can start monetization from it. And with the right kind of approach and strategy of how to market your content online, I bet you can make a very good living out of blogging only.

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How to get started with a blog….??

Before starting a blog, first have clear thoughts on:

  • Why do you want to start a blog in the first place?
  • Who will come looking for your blog articles?
  • What topic you are going to start a blog on?
  • Is the TOPIC for my blog in demand?

These are very important questions for you to answer if you want to start a blog that becomes successful.

Simply starting a blog is one thing but effectively maintaining a blog and marketing its contents are completely different and frankly, quite a tough task.

But as you know “No Road to Success is an Easy Road” and still people are successful.

That being said, for now, let me tell you how you can start a blog in 7 steps:

  • 1stChoose a nicheNiches are the topics of your blog.
  • 2ndChoose a Blogging PlatformSuch as bloggers,  Tumblr,,, medium etc.
  • 3rdChoose a domain nameWhich is the name of your blog.
  • 4thChoose a web host – Such as HostGator, BlueHost, Inmotion, SiteGrournd etc.
  • 5th –  Installing WordPress – if you have chosen as your blogging platform and by the way, it is the best blogging platform for anyone.
  • 6thSelecting the right theme.
  • 7th – Installing useful plugins.

I have discussed in detail about how to start a blog in above-mentioned 7 steps in my 2nd post. You can check it out by clicking here.

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Starting your blog for the first time will be tricky and also quite overwhelming. Also, when you are starting out for the first time there are going to be many doubts. I know, I had mine!

With that, I’d say blogging is not just fun and intriguing but it is also full of benefits and advantages for anyone who decides to start a blog.

I will again say that you can make money through your blog keeping in mind that you produce good quality content and obviously promote that online.

With that, I’m pretty sure that you are going be successful in the field of blogging.

I’d be updating my blog with all the useful tips and tricks that you can administer to start your blog and make it successful.

Let me know why did you decide to start your own blog and in what niche in the comment box below.

If you’ve found this article nice & useful then please share it with your social circle. If you want to give any suggestion(s) feel free to leave your comments below in the comment box.



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